Parliamentary Yearbook 2008 Blogging PKR-Poker Tournament Leaderboard June 22nd

PKR-Poker Tournament Leaderboard June 22nd

In the online poker leader board world PKR Poker has always been and continues to be one of the most exciting leader boards I have looked at. We have big names chomping at the bit to take first place with strong rivalries amidst the veterans and every month new people show up and try to take these spots away from the veterans. This month is nothing different with some big names coming back to the top of that list who were MIA at the beginning of the month. If you want to browse the whole list of players and see how everyone is doing take a peek at the entire list here: Today’s Full-Leaderboard.

Sunday is the big day here for PKR, it’s when the updates are made and the list is finalized for the FTR readers. That’s nothing new so without further adieu here is the top ten over at PRK. In first place is farryboy one again. He was missed from the very top of the leader board for most of the month but he has once again secured a bitcoin blackjack place at the top, at least for the time being. Coming in at second place is the somewhat newer face of 1potato2. Taxman1982 has dropped two spots to third place and Vincanity15 has moved up a seat to fourth. In fifth we have DELAMOYA who has dropped a single seat to their position and starscreammm hasn’t moved a seat and still perches in sixth. In seventh we have the familiar face of osteomat who moved up one seat and eighth place is held by CallMeTheNuts who also moved up a single seat. Ninth place is fonzy1225 and in tenth we have ThrowOnD who is a new face to the top ten, but still has time to make their mark by the end of the month!

It’s great to see both new and old faces floating around the leader board by this time of the month. It’s hard not to come back to the ever present farryboy who is once again at the top of the rankings. It’s easy to wonder if he ever goes outside! There are of course some new faces as mentioned before, but they haven’t been able to claim that top prize at the end of the month. Who will be able to push farryboy out of his throne in first place? Pop in next week and take a look. If you have a sudden urge to see how people are doing at any point during the week take a look at this page here: Leaderboard-Calendar to keep yourself updated.

Here’s the top 25:

1 farryboy 29021.85

2 1potato2 27921.60

3 Taxman1982 27093.45

4 Vincanity15 24046.40

5 DELAMOYA 23083.40

6 starscreammm 21732.85

7 osteomat 20966.45

8 CallmeTheNuts 20597.25

9 fonzy1225 19864.10

10 ThrowOnD 18267.60

11 eupremio 17863.75

12 dav20000 17850.30

13 PKRDream 17829.35

14 deboite45 16808.45

15 17043400 16236.15

16 Panda 16064.40

17 4KINGDONKEY 16006.80

18 PaTrickTonFion 15912.00

19 finnpokerman 15496.30

20 FretKiller 15231.10

21 PirateNation 14858.15

22 FlyingLure 14723.10

23 pokerfreak013 14458.75

24 kraftwerk71 14316.10

25 Joshtron 13553.20

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