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New To SEO? Let Google Help You

If you’re a new webmaster and you’re wondering what SEO is and how you should get started then get off to a good start simply by visiting our pages. However, if you want to get a good head start you may want to first check out what the search engines themselves consider to be appropriate search engine optimization strategies.

Google have thousands of fact sheets to help webmasters and one set that you can download is their Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide. This is by no means a complete guide to SEO but as the name suggests, it is a starter guide and it does contain some very useful information. In fact, I would recommend that even experienced webmasters should check it out just to ensure they have all the bases covered.

Earlier this month, Google announced that the guide was now available in 40 languages – enough to cover around 98% of the global Internet audience. In theory, everyone should be doing the basics exactly the same. Of course, theory doesn’t always turn into practical standards some are better theorists than others.

As a starter, it does its job. However, be aware that it is written from Google’s perspective and Google is not the only player in town. Once you have downloaded the guide and read it through, by all means implement the strategies mentioned. However, come back here to pick up some of the methods used to add to those ‘basics’.

There are many sites that offer advice on SEO and most don’t mind being asked questions to clarify information published on their sites. Whilst SEO contains many different factors to get ranked – as you see when you read the Google guide – it all starts with good content, a good selection of keywords, and a combination of internal and external links.

Grab the guide from Google, give it a good read and start to implement the strategies it suggests. Overtime you can then start tweaking your pages with some of the more advanced SEO strategies that we cover here from time to time.

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