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Link Building With Content – Where Should Those Links Be?

Content is one of the easiest places to start your internal link building and the process can either be powerful, or it can undermine your whole web site. The difficulty, and the one area that most web masters pay little attention to, is where they actually place those links.

It can pose a problem. Where should those links be: at the start, the end, in the middle? There are a lot of options and, particularly for novices, can be difficult to comprehend. The bottom line is fairly straight forward. What is the intent of your page and why are you placing a link within the content?

Let’s take the second first. Why are you placing that link? If it is simply a part of your internal link building structure then placement is irrelevant at this point. If the link is to add value to the current page then it is perhaps better off placed towards the end of the content. After all, it cannot add value if the reader has not completed reading the current page. Place the link too early and they may forget they saw it.

If your link is leading to an action page, for example, a sale, then the link placement becomes all the more important. Action links, also known as a call to action, need to be placed where the content invites that action. This could be anywhere on the page and, if appropriate, placed more than once.

The intent of your page is also important. As mentioned, if your page is providing information only then you don’t want the reader leaving that page too early. Your link should be placed as low as possible on the page giving them the opportunity of reading the contents before moving on.

Once you have an understanding of the ‘why’ the anchor text becomes the most important issue. For action links – the anchor text needs to be an action invitation. It can be as blatant at ‘purchase ????? here’ (don’t include the ‘here’ in the anchor text). Just using a product name as a link tells the reader nothing and really invites no action.

For informative articles with links to further reading – use text that invites the reader to do just that. For example, you could include the phrase ‘you can find more information on ?????? here’ (again, only use the important text as part of the anchor).

For links that are part of a link building program, use the most appropriate keywords or keywords phrase. Generally speaking, most web masters who are using content to create an internal link building structure have an anchor phrase in mind when they start writing. This phrase is then worked into the content and linked accordingly.

Using content for link building should be done with care and planning taking into account the pages intent and the intent of the link. Anchor text should be natural and provide support for the intent of that link. Done successfully, your visitors will actually thank you by following those links. We are only to happy to help if you need help with your link building program.

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