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Grow Hair Longer With Monat Hair Products

My quest to grow hair longer started when I was in junior high school and I gave up that quest in my twenties mainly because, well, my hair did not grow! My hair has always been fine, flat and non growing (if that is even a word). I learned to live with it. Keeping it short worked somewhat—at least when it was short, I could curl it so that it looked like I had some hair on my head. I know some of you reading this are feeling my pain.

I grew up in the eighties so long hair was very much in. I was grateful for Farrah Fawcett wings even if they only stayed put for a few hours. Fast forward to today and once again long, straight hair is in. For years I had to listen to my daughter whine about her hair and “why oh why did I get my mother’s hair!” For years I had to follow along on her quest to grow longer hair.

I certainly did not want to discourage her and tell her that the experts say the average person grows only about six inches of hair a year and how long a growth cycle lasts is genetically determined. What? Six inches a year? There was a time I would have believed that, now not so much.

My daughter is not and will not be the only teenager to make long hair a hobby and it certainly is not just teens making a living here. Hair extensions (which gave her bald spots btw), castor oil, horse tail shampoo, vitamins, stimulating shampoos, natural concoctions made with coconut oil and cayenne pepper, dry shampoos, poo-free, give your scalp a break blah, blah (can you say grease bomb?) and lastly Monistat for hair growth. Not sure about you, but I never want to be reminded of yeast infections every morning at the start of my day.

These concoctions are suppose to stimulate hair growth and grow hair longer and maybe they do. But in between using the next miracle hair growth treatment, what are you putting in your hair? Chemical laden shampoos and conditioners that we now know can destroy hair and clog follicles, not to mention cause cancer.

The best thing you can do for your hair health is to buck up and pay a bit more for natural or natural based hair care. (Insert moan here). After all, you probably spend just as much every month for cheap products over and over again looking for something that works, or if like some people I know, use 6 different products every day and spend 2 hours styling it. Who has that kind of time? or money to waste?

One thing I know for sure….I will do everything I can to eliminate hair loss (I can’t afford to lose what I have), and what woman does not want hair full of body? You know the kind, where you shake your head and feel your hair actually moving. No Tresemme hairspray involved!

How do you grow hair longer and thicker?

1. Good nutrition and supplements. You can’t have great hair and skin eating a poor diet. If you don’t know this, you’ve been living under a rock for a few years. I use biotin for hair, skin and nails.

2. Use natural based hair care products that do not contain chemicals that strip hair color and clog follicles.monat rejuveniqe oil intensive

3. Use a natural based conditioner on the ends of your hair, and then wash. For thick hair, condition again.

4. Use a natural hair oil to condition the scalp a and promote hair growth and strength. Rejuveniqe Oil Intensive conditions the scalp and promotes natural hair growth. It smooths the hair cuticle, decreases frizz, and adds shine. In fact the main ingredient, Abyssinian Oil beat my favorite…Argan Oil in an independent clincal trial conducted by TRI Princeton.

5. Use a mask once a week. Whether you notice signs of dryness and damage or not, many factors negatively affect your hair’s health every day. Stress, diet, changes in weather, airplane travel, air-conditioning, styling products, medications, and hormonal fluctuations can all rob your hair of precious moisture and nutrients. A weekly mask is one of your best defenses against these subtle attacks on your hair.

The best advice for long, healthy hair: Go as natural as possible, maintain a clean diet, and exercise. Healthy inside = healthy outside. Also you can read about “top filler injector” here

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