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Are You Killing Your Trust Factor With Auto Run Videos

How to scare of visitors in one easy lesson – insert videos that auto run. I cannot believe how many sites I see that have videos that auto run when the page loads. What is more incredible is that often there is more than one video that is loading and running – at the same time. Don’t get me wrong, videos can add value to your content, but only if they directly relate to the content and only if they provide user choice as the option to view or not view.

You may wonder how videos can effect trust. The answer is in multiple ways. The most obvious is that your page load speed. Too slow and the visitor is gone. What many web masters don’t understand today is the sophistication of users. If they arrive on a page and one more videos (and often audio as well) start playing – it is almost an insult and they take off.

I know of at least one specialist forum which lost almost a quarter of its membership last month simply because they had video adds that auto ran. The problem was these adds were on every page and they thoroughly annoyed the community. This loss of traffic, and the bad publicity created by those who blogged about their experience, could take months to recover even though they took the adds down due that experience.

The moral of course it to only publish content that your visitors are going to appreciate. Create content that annoys them in any way and your trust factor with those visitors drops significantly. Over time that drop in trust factor will filter through to the search engines as your bounce rate climbs, the time on site drops and the number of inbound links drops.

Look after your visitors and they will look after you. It’s a standard that has applied in the business world for many years. Online – it applies to your web design and your content development. After all – if there are no visitors – you essentially don’t exist on the world wide web.

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